Hello, my name is Chogrin and I have created this blog in tribute to the 15th anniversary of Craig McCracken's original cartoon creation, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS.

I've loved the Powerpuff girls since I first saw them back in "WHAT A CARTOON" show. The Powerpuff Girls are a perfect combination of everything you want in a cartoon....action...comedy....cuteness.....KAIJUS!!!

The original Powerpuff Girls series aired 15  years ago on November 18th, 1998.

Since then, all kinds of tributes and versions of the girls have been created. Here are some of my favorites:

Powerpuff Girls by Mike Mignola

 Powerpuff Girls Z

Finally, check out this rad behind-the-scenes of Craig McCracken and the amazing crew that brought the Powerpuff Girls to life!


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